About us
About us

The author's school of Marina Shivtsova MS Nail Studio is one of the leaders in the market of the Nail industry of Ukraine and Europe, training, training highly qualified professionals in the field of manicure, pedicure, modeling and nail design, as well as training of instructors.

We invite you to the pages of our website. Here you will find video lessons of nail extension and design. Look through the pictures - the nails that our students make during the training. Photos of our teachers.

Many of us, having made a decision to become a specialist in nail aesthetics, ask ourselves - where to get training in nail building? Which nail studio offers the best conditions? What courses of pedicure and manicure to choose? There are many reasons for this.

Why exactly we?

MS Nail Studio is a professional training center of nail aesthetics, having comfortable, fully equipped classrooms, as well as all necessary training and consumables.

Our specialists have many years of experience as masters of nail service, and a great experience in teaching.

We offer a variety of courses of manicure, design and nail extension, within which you can learn to perform professional nail care, nail extensions and design, and other procedures.

The training of specialists is carried out according to the author's programs and techniques of Marina Shivtsova, who has long won world recognition among the masters of the nail service.

All the curricula of our studio consist of two parts - theory and practice, and are divided into levels of complexity, and allows students to master the modeling and design programs in stages, sequentially mastering them step by step.

Training is conducted on quality cosmetics and materials for nail modeling of such brands as: MS-nail, akzentz, Nfu.Oh, Luxio, Bode.

The training is conducted entirely on the materials of our training studio.

For your convenience, we divided our courses into 4 subgroups:

For beginners:

  • - Manicure full course;
  • - Master class is the perfect manicure with LUXIO;
  • - Arched modeling of nails;

Nail modeling and advanced training courses:

  • - Re-qualification from acrylic to gel;
  • - Advanced training "Modern almonds";
  • - Advanced training "Arched square";
  • - Improvement of professional skills "Stiletto";
  • - French Advanced Training

Simple and fast in execution designs of nails for beginners and masters wishing to improve their skills:

  • - Chinese painting;
  • - Acrylic modeling. Basic course;
  • - Watercolor painting of nails;
  • - Gradient
  • - Graphic arts
4. Author Marina Shivtsovoy courses for artists who want to become the best in the business:
  • Express-watercolor
  • Watercolor
  • Crystal effect
  • The Sculls Watercolor
  • One Stroke
  • Silc
  • Zhostovo
  • Zhostovo gel paint
  • Salon Mix
  • Magic Garden
  • Princess Dress
  • Gradient
  • Graphics
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